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Jenna Gross and Jillian MacLaughlin met in 2017 at the Roger Williams University dance program where they bonded over their love for all things unserious. Their friendship evolved into a dance partnership where they spend most rehearsals trying to make each-other laugh. During their time at Roger Williams, Jenna and Jill studied modern, contemporary, ballet, and improvisation techniques. Additionally, they have taken theory courses in choreography, dance history, kinesiology, mime, performance art, movement theatre, and pedagogy. 

Since their time post graduation in 2020, Jenna and Jill have continued to grow their performance carriers together where they have both danced for Natalie Johnson Dance, Lorraine Chapman The Company, and the Milton branch of the Isadora Duncan Company.

Currently, Jenna and Jill are striving to bring the greater Boston area comedic levity in dance. Their work brings together the excitement of full bodied athleticism while maintaining dramatic physicality.

The RWDC Collaborators

Rose Woods Dance Collaborative wouldn't be a collorabitive without our collaborators!

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